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December 24, 2007

News Release

Telemed Health HDHP Is Set To Begin Operation In April 2009

It's official. According to the founder, Al Sheppard, “Telemed Health HDHP will begin its operations in April of 2009. By then, we will have concluded our initial medical and network distributor agreements and have the additional staff and technicians cross training and in place to begin work with our first clients. I have been in negotiations with two potential clients in the Bay Area of California and the telemedical project authorizations are forthcoming.”

A new development this month at Telemed Health HDHP is the publication of the website, www.tele-medical-health-hipaa-dicom-hl7-pacs.com. The Company hopes that the long domain name will be a constant reminder to clients that Telemed Health HDHP is committed to providing all services and products in compliance with the laws, guidelines, standards, and protocols required by HIPAA and as guided by HL7.

The goals of Telemed Health HDHP are vertically time linear and wide ranging, yet the Company expects to be achieve all its milestones with dedicated work, advanced technology skills, and short and long range needs and fulfillment planning. It expects to be a major contributor to the advancement of Telemedicine and Telehealth for the benefit of people worldwide.

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